Paola Antonelli

— Paola Antonelli

Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.

Paola Antonelli hits the nail on the head. Every design project is combination of many different essential components.  Design enables a great product to achieve its maximum potential, but only when done right. Anyone can design, but not everyone can produce effective head turning results that create relationships and increase profits.

This blog exists to be a resource to help both clients and designers reach their goals, have access to free offers, and reviews critical tools and services to improve your business.

A Different Kind of Blog

Xoil Design is putting together a blog that will be a design resource for both it’s clients and designers. The blog will include reviews of local printing companies, writing effective blog posts, reaching your target market, social media explained, trending color schemes, the best way to make your photos web-ready, a guide for local art shows and talks and much much more!

Stay tuned! We’ve been busy in the studio preparing juicy references that will make the processes of design and business marketing smoother for everyone.

*Everything is designed. Few things are designed well*
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